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Dzindu Tours

The Dzindu Tours seeks to highlight and celebrate the universal spiritual message of love and compassion as the key to peace, harmony and happiness, in this increasingly interdependent global village.

The Tour achieves this mission by bringing and sharing the ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture to our modern world, and also by raising necessary awareness of the Tibetan refugee communities in India, and helping to raise funds for the education and health of needy individuals and organizations that cater to these needs.


Projects Sponsored By Khacholing Center


1. Temple and Housing Project

With funds generated from the 2004-05 Dzindu Tour which Khacholing Center sponsored, Khacholing Center ’s Temple & Housing Project was able to provide the Dzindu Monks residing at Drepung Loseling Monastery with a much needed improvement in their living conditions.  As a result there is now adequate space for the monks to live, which was not previously the case.  In addition to this a small temple was built along with the dormitories for the benefit of their prayer practices.

The Combined Dormitory/Temple in Mid-Construction.  Much of the labor was performed by the monks themselves




Another Picture of the West Dormitory in Mid-Construction




The East Dormitory & Above Temple shown in completion.  All three Dormitories were completed in early 2005.  The North Dormitory is not shown.



Dzindu Monks posing in front of New Temple & Dormitory




2. Medical Relief Project - 2007

With generous group donations, Khacholing was able to help facilitate greatly needed medical care for the Senior Dzindu Monks residing at both Drepung Loseling, and Gaden Shartse Monasteries.  The collective donations toward this end will enable medical visits as needed for the Senior Monks for quite some time to come.  A great debt of thanks to all who participated.


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