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Drupa Rinpoche Lobsang Yeshi

The Khacholing Center Board of Directors is pleased to announce that on the recommendation of Gankar Rinpoche, we have approved the appointment of Drupa Rinpoche as President of Khacholing. Center.  Drupa Rinpoche will take on this new responsibility in addition to his current duties as resident teacher.  We’re very happy that he’s agreed to accept this position, and we wish him well in his endeavors leading Khacholing Center.

Ken Tobacman has agreed to remain on the board, and on Gankar Rinpoche’s recommendation, he will take on the role of Advisor.

The next class in English is May 21, and that a Migtsema retreat is scheduled for Tibetan-speakers on Saturday May 13 and Sunday May 14

Khacholing is now registered at the GiveMN web site to raise funds for our center through this particular portal. Please see the Khacholing page at GiveMN for details. You can also contribute via the Donate page here, on Khacholing’s website. We are always grateful for your support. Please let others know about our fundraising efforts as well.

May 21 2023 Patience. Bodhicharyavcatara Chapter 6, Part 14

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Rinpoche at Gyuto Monastery, Dharamsala, India
Butter Lamp, Khacholing Teaching Location

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